Lunch & Learn: Streaming Analytics

Organisations need the ability to spot opportunities and risk earlier than ever before, in real-time. 
Streaming Analytics can help with that! And so can Google Cloud, with a complete streaming analytics platform.

Organisations are facing a digitally transforming society, where the ability to quickly react to events and patterns is critical. 

Join this online event during your lunch break to learn how to use streaming analytics and set yourself up to uncover more actionable insights faster & to spot risks early on. Discover how organisations proactively identify new opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competition with real-time data & analytics.

And hear live from Kalman Tiboldi, CTO at GEM One (TVH Holding) how they’re using Streaming Analytics in practice.

What you’ll learn in this online lunch & learn:

  • Get an introduction of the Google Cloud complete Streaming Analytics Platform on which data can be ingested, insights can be derived & action can be identified and taken more quickly and intelligently
  • How to handle millions of events per second in real-time
  • How to connect millions of devices across the globe
  • How streaming analytics brings more value than traditional batch systems
  • Use cases for streaming analytics in different markets

Join this online event & get inspired about the ways you can use streaming analytics to your advantage.


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