Live@SAS: Trustworthy AI & Analytics

The Good, The Bad, and The Algorithm: A Journey Towards Trustworthy AI

As AI continues to revolutionize the way we live and work, it’s important to consider the ethical dilemmas that come with this transformation.

At this event, we’ll explore how SAS is addressing the challenges of building trustworthy AI – from avoiding bias, to ensuring transparency, accountability, and interpretability.

Our expert speakers will share insights on the latest developments in AI and ethics, and provide practical guidance on how to approach these challenges in your own projects, through the use of data and advanced analytics.

Join us at Live@SAS to grasp the importance of building trustworthy AI, and learn how you can incorporate ethical considerations into your AI and analytics strategies.

Key Learnings

  • Ethical considerations are essential in AI development and deployment
  • SAS addresses challenges in building trustworthy AI through strategies like bias avoidance and transparency
  • Practical guidance is provided on integrating ethics into AI projects


4 October 2023
14:00Welcome & Registration
by Yannic De Bleeckere, Head of Pre-sales, SAS
14:20The Good, The Bad, and The Algorithm: A Journey Towards Trustworthy AI
by Joline Jammaers & Kaat Tastenhoye
15:50Networking drink


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