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Fortinet Presents is a six-episode series dealing with various security issues. With all the working from home and online meetings, companies appear to be more vulnerable than ever.

Each episode exposes a problem. With practical examples, Fortinet Presents shows how organizations are dealing with these challenges and what you can do to better protect your business information.

16/09 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinets Presents: OT Security and FortiDeceptor

Cybercriminals are willingly using the ever increasing attack surface to find a way in to OT environments, possibly causing massive damage in operational environments. Based on recent cyber attacks, we will tell you more on how important it has become to properly arm yourself and protect your infrastructure. Find out more on different approaches and an overview of how a solution like FortiDeceptor can serve as an early warning beacon to warn you about malicious actors that might already be present in your environment today.

23/09 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinet Presents: EDR

Traditional antivirus is no longer sufficient to protect you as an organization against (potential) threats. There are regular news stories about encrypted files, hacking, ransomware and data loss at various organizations. Endpoint security solutions, of which FortiEDR is a part, are made to protect systems (workstations, laptops, servers, etc.) against these kind of threats.

How can you best protect your organization and why is automatic response so important? That’s what we’re happy to tell you At Fortinet Presents EDR. Knowing more?

30/09 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinet Presents: Zero Trust Network Access

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) is an element of zero trust access that focuses on controlling access to applications. ZTNA extends the principles of zero trust access (ZTA) to verify users and devices before every application session. This confirms that they meet the organization’s policy to access that application.

Starting with the FortiOS 7.0 release, ZTNA capabilities are enabled on any device or service running FortiOS.

07/10 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinet Presents: SASE

SASE – The Convergence of Networking and Security

At a high level, implementing SASE really comes down to enabling secure connectivity and access to critical resources from anywhere on any edge.

The recent market momentum around SASE is exciting because it underscores the need for a Security-Driven Networking approach.
Today’s organizations require immediate, uninterrupted access to the network and cloud-based resources and data, including business-critical applications, no matter where their users are located. The reality is that consumption patterns are changing due to the implementation of 5G, cloud migrations, sustained work from home, and similar outcomes from digital innovation efforts. This has transformed the traditional network to a network of many edges.

At the same time, these dynamically changing network configurations, and the rapid expansion of the attack surface, means that many traditional security solutions no longer provide the level of flexibility and control that organizations and users require.

14/10 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinet Presents: SD-WAN

As the use of business critical, cloud-based applications continues to increase, organizations with a distributed Infrastructure of remote offices are switching from static wide-area networks (WANs) to software-defined WAN(SD-WAN) architectures.

SD-Branch aims to extend the features of SD-WAN across the entire branch network through consolidation of services and convergence of management. This reduces the burden on IT teams while improving overall branch security.

21/10 9h30 – 10h00

Fortinet Presents: Fortinet Security Fabric

Today, the complexity of security demands greater insight, control and flexibility. This is because we live in a time where one solution is no longer sufficient for the security of your network or system. Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. With the Fortinet Security Fabric, we help you to gain insight, to be flexible and to stay in control of your environment. Fortinet Security Fabric is a platform through which we can realize a form of security at all layers within the network infrastructure.


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